SCIFI Index Report #39

In this weekly report, we will update you about the performance and notable events of the SCIFI index and it’s constitutes.


  • Price
    Open: $2.87
    Close: $3.15 (+9.76%)
  • Index level
    Open: 319.28
    Close: 376.86 (+18.03%)
  • AUM / TVL
    Open: $1,907,392.20
    Close: $2,270,737.49 (+19.05%)
  • Total Weekly Trading Volume
  • Top 3
    CRV (+49.39%)
    FTT (+15.86%)
    NXM (+12.08%)
  • Low 3
    PERP (-6.98%)
    SPICE (-6.99%)
    GEL (-15.23%)

Open cut off time: 2021–10–18 13:00:00 CEST

Close cut off time: 2021–10–25 13:05:00 CEST

Constitutes performance:

CRV: Curve Finance will soon support NEAR chain:

FTT: FTX is Giving away $1M worth of crypto:

NXM: Nexus Mutual is launching its own line of NFTs:

DIA: DIA core team proposes to launch a DIA Binance Saving Program:

NMR: Check out the October Numerai Tournament Highlights:

BAL: Check out the Balancers Gnosis Protocol:

SUSHI: SushiSwap is going to support Moonbeam Network:

PERP: Perpetual Protocol is launching its v2 testnet:

SPICE: Scifi Index added new constitute - Gelato:

GEL: Gelato is expanding its team:





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SCIFI Finance

SCIFI Finance

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