SCIFI Index Report #31

In this weekly report, we will update you about the performance and notable events of the SCIFI index and it’s constitutes.


  • Price
    Open: $2.98
    Close: $2.74 (-8.05%)
  • Index level
    Open: 260.39
    Close: 241.56 (-7.23%)
  • AUM / TVL
    Open: $1631921.86
    Close: $1498251.17 (-8.19%)
  • Total Weekly Trading Volume
  • Top 3
    GTC (+34.41%)
    PERP (+11.33%)
    SPICE (+4.79%)
  • Low 3
    CRV (-14.20%)
    BAL (-15.09%)
    SUSHI (-18.87%)

Open cut off time: 2021–08–23 13:00:00 CEST

Close cut off time: 2021–08–30 13:05:00 CEST

Constitutes performance:

GTC: Gitcoin joined forces with UniSwapGrants to fund its first QF Round:

PERP: Perpetual Protocol presented Part I of their Private Markets proposal:

FTT: Both FTX Official and FTX US have passed US GAAP Audit!

DIA: DiaData’s price feeds are now available on MoonbeamNetwork!

LINK: Chainlink’s market data feed is now available on AVAX!

INJ: Injective Protocol will soon start its Ambassadors program, with over 700 applicants!

CRV: CRV arbitrage traders must now use the new contract addresses for the atricrypto2 LP on Polygon.

BAL: Balancer Labs has awarded a grant to Spectre to build a new type of liquidity pool for crypto art NFTs using Balancer Smart Pools

SUSHI: Stay tuned for an interview with Joseph Delong from SushiSwap on Sep 1st:





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SCIFI Finance

SCIFI Finance

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