Galactic Blue Index Report #47

In this weekly report, we will update you about the performance and notable events of the Galactic Blue Index and it’s constitutes.


  • Price
    Open: $1.01
    Close: $1.01 (0.00%)
  • Index level
    Open: 327.97
    Close: 318.07 (-3.02%)
  • Total Value Locked
    Open: $56,795.30
    Close: $50,568.28 (-10.96%)
  • TOP 3
    $LINK (+14.87%)
    $SPICE (0.00%)
    $WBTC (-8.84%)
  • LOW 3
    $WETH (-15.64%)
    $YFI (-16.32%)
    $COMP (-17.51%)

Open cut off time: 2021–01–04 13:00:00 CET

Close cut off time: 2022–01–11 13:05:00 CET

Constitute performance:

LINK: Chainlink’s latest daily wrap up is here:

WBTC: Iran to Permit Use of Cryptocurrencies in International Settlements, Reports Reveal:

UNI: Uniswap Team is looking for new members:

WETH: Check out the latest news from Ethereum Network:

YFI: Yearn Finance released two new tools:

COMP: Join the latest Compound Developer Community Call:





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