Galactic Blue Index Report #25

In this weekly report, we will update you about the performance and notable events of the Galactic Blue Index and it’s constitutes.


  • Price
    Open: $1.01
    Close: $1.13 (+11.88%)
  • Index level
    Open: 98.77
    Close: 119.75 (+21.24%)
  • AUM / TVL
    Open: $305917.08
    Close: $345325.86 (+12.88%)
  • Total Weekly Trading Volume
  • TOP 3
    UNI (+40.18%)
    WETH (+27.19%)
    MKR (+22.42%)
  • LOW 3
    YFI (+10.12%)
    LINK (+8.52%)
    SPICE (-6.17%)

Open cut off time: 2021–08–03 13:00:00 CET

Close cut off time: 2021–08–10 13:05:00 CET

Constitute performance:

UNI: Uniswap Grants launches a program to help young talented people to joind the defi space

WETH: All of the latest news about Ethereum network alongside the London Upgrade below:

MKR: MakerDAO is getting closer to being truly decentralised:

COMP: Compound Labs approved the fifth batch of grants:

WBTC: Bitcoin is getting more and more recognition in mainstream media:

YFI: New proposal is up on the Yearn Finance’s Snapshot page:

LINK: TraderMade Launches Chainlink Node to Provide DeFi With Premium Financial Index Data