Galactic Blue Index Report #20

In this weekly report, we will update you about the performance and notable events of the Galactic Blue Index and it’s constitutes.


  • Price
    Open: $0.86
    Close: $1.00 (+16.28%)
  • Index level
    Open: 87.81
    Close: 103.95 (+18.38%)
  • AUM / TVL
    Open: $281,146.88
    Close: $319,123.71 (+13.51%)
  • Total Weekly Trading Volume
  • TOP 3
    COMP (+59.20%)
    MRK (+27.91%)
    UNI (+21.52%)
  • LOW 3
    LINK (+2.23%)
    WBTC (-2.40%)
    SPICE (-10.30%)

Open cut off time: 2021–06–29 13:00:00 CET

Close cut off time: 2021–07–06 13:05:00 CET

Constitute performance:

COMP: Compound grants program has funded 22 applicants with nearly $500k in funds

MKR: Check out Maker Dao’s monthly community update below:

UNI: Developers can start using Uniswap v3 contracts on all erc20 testnets

YFI: Check out weekly update of Yearn Finance below:

WETH: All the latest news about Ethereum network from last week below:

LINK: Check out Chainlink’s guide on how to develop your first smart contract that interacts with Chainlink.

WBTC: 4,000 Institutional Funds in Germany Can Now Invest 20% of Portfolios in Crypto Assets

SPICE: Released 3rd community update where they talk abour past learnings and future of Spice Dao products.